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Captain Hollywood Project - Find Another Way [Nov. 14th, 2009|03:24 am]
best rave music
Artist: Captain Hollywood Project
Album name: Find Another Way
Tracks :
  1. MP3LogoFind Another Way (Single mix)-Classic
  2. MP3LogoFind Another Way (Extended mix)-Classic
  3. MP3LogoOdyssey of Emotions-Classic

Captain America movie synopsis?

Anyone have any connections to hollywood agents? Here is the synopsis of a Captain America Script that I have written. Feedeback anyone?

When the lead scientist of the top-secret Manhattan Project is kidnapped by the Nazi terror operative known as Red Skull, the Office of Strategic Services (O.S.S.), headed by ‘Wild Bill’ Donovan, calls Nick Fury and Steve Rogers into action. Fury is a womanizing, gritty, tough as nails soldier who always manages to get the job done. Rogers is a college student studying linguistics who has long sought the chance to serve his country. He gets his chance when he partakes in an experiment that transforms him into Captain America, the perfect physical specimen that leaves him with super human abilities. Together they are paired to go into the heart of Nazi Germany and do whatever it takes to get the scientist back in American hands.

Tracking the scientist down to a remote castle high in the mountains of Germany, their impossible rescue mission includes Rogers posing as a priest and Fury as a Nazi ambulance driver. Along the way, they work with a beautiful and mysterious Nazi resistance fighter known as the Black Widow, but can she be trusted? Their mission leads them to an explosive escape from an occupied airfield in France in which they battle Red Skull and Baron Strucker. Will the complete their mission and keep the atom bomb out of German hands?